Take a look at our carefully selected range of bricks that are stocked in our depot. These bricks range in size, colour and texture. 

All of the selection below are commonly used in Staffordshire, Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire. 


We also offer a brick matching service.
Class B Red Perf 65mm Engineering Bricks
Blue Perforated Bricks 73mm
Class B Red Perf 73mm Engineering Bricks
Blue Solid Engineering Brick 65mm
65mm Concrete Common Brick
HT07 65mm Buff Brick
HT08 65mm Brick
HT09 65mm Brick
HT10 65mm Brick
HT11 65mm Brick
HT12 65mm Offshades
HT13 73mm Brick
HT14 65mm Brick
HT15 65mm Offshade Brick
HT16 65mm Offshade Bricks
HT17 65mm Bricks
HT18 65mm Bricks
HT19 73mm Brick
HT20 65mm Bricks
HT21 65mm Brick
HT22 65mm Offshade Bricks
HT23 73mm Bricks
HT24 65mm Brick
HT25 65mm Brick
HT26 65mm Bricks
HT27 65mm Brick
HT28 65mm Bricks
HT29 73mm Brick
HT30 65mm Brick
HT31 65mm Brick
HT32 65mm Brick
HT33 65mm Brick
HT34 65mm Brick
HT35 65mm Brick
HT36 65mm Bricks
HT37 73mm Brick
HT38 65mm Brick
HT39 65mm Brick
HT40 65mm Brick

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